Why Wait?

Why Wait?

Wendy Taylor

Wendy Taylor is the founder of Taking Charge, a career consulting company for tech professionals. 

Using her proprietary TCIS™ Methodology, she helps six-figure earners generate better positions and titles that fit their personalities, values and knowledge base… all with higher salaries. 

She has a passion for helping others embrace the authenticity and power of who they are, while they navigate their career ladder and make a lot more money.


Wendy is the perfect combination of smart, no nonsense, and kind – exactly who I want to help me navigate my career transition. I came to her wanting a satisfying career as well as a strong family life, and I appreciate that Wendy spent time understanding those priorities and getting to know me as a whole person. She then used that information to help guide me toward my dream job. Her vetted approach to finding the perfect professional fit provided reassuring structure as I planned, networked, and interviewed. Wendy’s vast and deep experience shines through in the advice she offers, and she is responsive, professional, and a joy to work with. My husband and I have both worked with her, and we recommend her to everyone we can.

Courtney Skiles

At our initial call, Wendy told me what my salary should be at this level of my career given my experience and education and she said she was very confident I could get it. She then worked with me to develop a comprehensive strategy about how and when to land my next role. Timing is important. Also, finding the right fit means much more than just finding the right job. I feel much more confident and in control of my career thanks to the strategy I developed with Wendy. Having a well- paid job AND having a work life balance is definitely possible. Wendy can show you how.

Nevenka Haj

Wendy Taylor is an inspirational coach. She helped me hone my vision as I established my consulting practice, and as I made the transition from being a non-profit executive to running my own business. Wendy’s practical and structured approach help me think through my mission and develop a succinct elevator pitch. She gave me confidence to trust myself as I cultivated clients and delivered results. She encouraged me to think through how to achieve my goals. She embodies the principles that she conveys to her clients, with keen insight, humor and a focus on results. I recommend her most highly.

Marianna Grossman

Before I started working with Wendy, I was in a leadership role in a startup, working 80 to 90 hours a week. I was frazzled and not managing stress well. I wanted to get into a different industry. Today, I am no longer stressed. I have control of my calendar. I have more diverse work in a completely different industry. I am working fewer hours and making more money. I see my kids and husband more each week than I did before in two to three weeks.

Stacey Lusk

Wendy has been a delightfully curious and creative partner in my career development. She has experience on the technology and business sides, and she understands organizational needs from the operations, staffing, and technology angles. She’s helped me to remain constructive and forward-looking in my career transition!

Tom Hirata

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