Wendy Taylor - helping you Take Charge of your career

Wendy Taylor is the founder of Taking Charge. She is the developer of “The Fastest Path to Your Next Job”, the proprietary system for six-figure earners to find and land their dream job.

She has a passion for helping others embrace the authenticity and power of who they are, while they navigate their career ladder.

Wendy believes that your career must pay for, and make space for, your whole life.

She knows you can use the talents and skills you most enjoy using. 

You can find a company that most values your talents and skills. 

You can achieve your financial and professional goals, while having a rich creative, athletic, family, and spiritual life.

For Wendy, that means being a classical choral soprano and practicing yoga. She also cooks amazing meals with her husband and keeps score at baseball games.

Wendy doesn’t just help you build a rewarding career. She helps you achieve stronger health, happier marriages, and thriving children. She also helps you enjoy your favorite creative and athletic pursuits.

Wendyis at heart, a teacher, whether she is coaching, consulting, speaking, or training.

Her teaching is based on real world experience.

· In big and small companies.
· In big and small not-for-profits.
· As a management consultant for Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley venture-backed startups.
· As a trainer, recruiter, and coach.

Wendy has seen the view from the inside and knows what really happens behind closed doors.

Wendy has completed more than 12,000 interviews, and has hired thousands of people. She knows what will work and what will not work.

Wendy Taylor has the perfect mix of perspective and practical experience to guide you in taking charge of your career.

Discover how you can make more money, doing what you do best!