We believe in not compromising who YOU are,
in your job AND your life.

Helping You Make More Money, in a Better Job, WITHOUT COMPROMISE

What We Help You Do:

With our famous proprietary TCIS Methodology, you will generate a better position AND title that fits your personality, values and knowledge base.

The average salary bump that our clients receive is at least $25,000, and in a new position that brings greater happiness. 

What we will do together, quickly and strategically: 

  1. You will quickly know how to find the best companies that are a good fit for you, and that need what you have to offer
  2. We then show you how to get around the gatekeepers with our exclusive Inside Track Strategy. 
  3. Once you have offers, you will implement the Taking Charge Offer Negotiation Strategy, which closes the deal.
The fastest way to make this happen is to book a call with Wendy, NOW. 

“I’m doing something I excel at that I love doing,
where I like the people I work with AND I’m making more money!”

Discover how you can make more money, doing what you do best!